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Electric Shoe Dryer With Deodorizer

$130.00$32.50 75% OFF

  • Bug Buster: Zaps away germs and smells inside your shoes with powerful UV light.
  • Damp Downer: No more sweaty or smelly shoes! This dryer sucks out moisture like a champ.
  • Airflow Ace: Gentle heat spreads evenly, drying your shoes fast and safe.
  • Temp Tamer: Always the right heat, never too hot, always just right for perfect drying.

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Soggy Shoes? Say So Long! Dry in Minutes!

Kick the Mushy Mess
This shoe dryer is your hero against dampness and odor. Get rid of sweat, mold, and funky smells with effective heat and UV sterilization. Fresh kicks, healthy feet, guaranteed!

Smart Timing, Smart Savings
Pick your drying time from 0 to 120 minutes, then relax! This dryer shuts off automatically, saving energy and keeping your shoes safe. No more mushy mornings!

Beyond Footwear
Gloves, hats, socks, and berets find fresh comfort with this adaptable drying solution.

Hike Happy, Dry Feet
Take this portable boot warmer on your next adventure. Folds flat and adjusts for various boot sizes.

Safe & Steady
Relax, your shoes are protected! Constant temperature control ensures safe, optimal drying every time.

Sterile Kicks
Built-in UV light zaps away bacteria and odor for healthy, refreshed shoes.


Color: White
Weight: 1050g
Size: 28*11*27cm/11.02*4.33*10.63in
Material: ABS + Electronic Component
Power cord length: 1.2M
Heating temperature: 50℃~65℃
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated power: 100 (W)
Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
Package Contents: Telescopic Ultraviolet Sterilization Drying Shoe Machine × 1

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