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Magic Dishwashing Rags (5 pcs)

$12.00$3.00 75% OFF

  • Master the mess: One rag, endless uses.
  • Comfy and clean: The perfect cleaning dream.
  • Outperforms the Rest: Display your product absorbing a significant amount of liquid compared to a regular cloth struggling with a smaller amount.
  • Noodles with a twist: Discover the difference! These special noodles, woven in a fish-lattice pattern, release water remarkably fast and dry in a flash.
  • Biomimetic surface: Inspired by nature’s textures, this design offers enhanced grip and water retention.

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Meet with the magic dishwashing rags.
Engineered with cutting-edge wire technology, this dishwashing rag delivers unparalleled cleaning efficacy. Removes tenacious stains without compromising surface integrity. Make this simpler.

Ditch the grime, not your comfort!
The gentle yet effective Wire Dishwashing Rag keeps hands happy and homes spotless. It’s multi-purpose cleaning mastery.

One rag, endless jobs!
Dishes, spills, windows, even cars – this tough buddy cleans it all. Stain buster, mess maker, shine master – your home’s new cleaning champion!

Unleash the scrubbing power.
Advanced diamond-shaped lattice technology and top-notch metal wires combine to conquer rust, oil stains, and stubborn mold – all without the harsh scrubbing! Gentle on your hands and cookware, this is your kitchen cleaning champion.

Wet or dry, it shines
Fine holes whip up rich lather for washing, or scrub dry for tough messes. One pad, endless uses.

Water hates this fabric, Dry quickly.
Special design makes water bounce off, so it dries in a flash. Say goodbye to funky smells!

Big clean, small package
This compact wonder packs a powerful cleaning punch. Its flexible design tackles tricky areas like bottle necks and container bottoms, all while taking up minimal space.

The Wire Dishwashing Rag can be rinsed directly with water. It’s built to be used over and over without deteriorating or losing effectiveness.

Versatile cleaning
Wire Dishwashing Rag tackles more than just dishes! Use it on kitchenware, cars, electronics, glass, jewelry, stainless steel, appliances, furniture, and more. It’s durable, reusable, and gets the job done, making it your kitchen cleaning MVP.

silver polyester + cotton
Size: 20*20cm

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