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Multifunctional Pet Deshedding Brush

$19.00$4.75 75% OFF

  • Cuddle-Soft Brush: Skin-safe silicone meets sturdy ABS for happy pets and easy cleaning.
  • Treat Time Spa: Brushes, massages, cleans, and even scratches. Pamper your fur-baby at home!
  • Shiny & Knot-Free: Gentle massage whisks away fur, boosts circulation, and leaves coats gleaming.
  • Tiny or Mighty: Works wonders on all sizes, from fluffy kittens to majestic giants. Conquers furniture fur too!

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Say Goodbye to Furry Frustration! One Brush, No Shedding Fuss!

This multifunctional tool combines advanced deshedding technology with a soothing massage function, delivering comprehensive grooming for your furry friend.

 Tangle Tamer with a Twist
This brush features a unique water tank that releases water as you groom, trapping loose hair before it flies! No more messy cleanups after bath time.

Gentle on Paws & Planet
Made with durable, skin-friendly ABS and soft silicone, this brush pampers your pet without breaking the bank. Easy cleaning makes it a win-win!

All-in-One Spa Experience
This isn’t just a brush, it’s a four-in-one tool! Remove knots, massage for relaxation, clean away dirt, and even scratch those itchy spots. Salon-quality care at home just got easier.

Shiny & Tangle-Free Fur
The gentle massage not only removes loose hair but also stimulates circulation, leaving your pet’s coat smooth, shiny, and knot-free. Hello, happy and healthy fur!

One Brush for Every Bud
Perfect for all sizes, from tiny kittens to majestic hounds. This versatile brush even tackles stubborn pet hair on furniture, carpets, and clothes. Unleash the fur-ocious cleaning power!

No More Messy Brush Time
Forget flying fur! This brush’s continuous water flow traps loose hair as you groom, saving you the hassle of cleaning up later.

Material: ABS, Silicone
Color: pink, blue
Product size: 6.2*3*19cm/2.44*1.18*7.48in
Product weight: 58g

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