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Portable Firework Bubble Machine

$74.00$18.50 75% OFF

  • Bubbles Everywhere! This machine makes so many bubbles, it’s like a party for your eyes!
  • Bubbles Never Stop! Watch bubbles fly out all the time, making every minute super fun!
  • Safe for Kids! Made with safe stuff, so kids can play and have fun without worry!
  • Lights and Music! It has pretty lights and cool music, making bubbles even more awesome!
  • Easy Peasy! Just fill it up, turn it on, and watch the bubbles go! You can use batteries or USB (some use one, some use the other).

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Fireworks of Fun! Blasting Bubbles with Music & Lights!

Made with top-notch materials, this bubble machine looks just like a real firework and is sure to be a kid’s dream gift! Get ready for a non-stop bubble bonanza! This machine cranks out mountains of colorful bubbles, bringing joy to every occasion.

High-Output Bubble Generation
Featuring a multi-hole design (10 or 36 holes), this innovative machine produces a continuous stream of bubbles, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Kid-Safe Construction
Crafted with durable, non-toxic ABS materials, this bubble machine prioritizes safety and longevity for worry-free enjoyment.

Immersive Sensory Experience
Engage multiple senses with synchronized firework sound effects and captivating bubble visuals, enhancing the ambiance of any setting.

User-Friendly Operation
Powered by either 6 AA batteries or USB (models vary), this device features a simple one-key activation for effortless setup and enjoyment.


Size: 21X9X9cm
Material: ABS
Power supply mode: 6 AA batteries

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