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Universal Furniture Corner Connector

$14.00$3.50 75% OFF

  • Tough Metal, Happy Furniture: These braces are built tough, stopping rust and scratches. Smooth edges, happy hands!
  • Fix Anything, Anywhere: Doors, drawers, shelves, beds – you name it!  Superhero toolkit for your home!
  • Hug Tight Corners: This smart design grips corners like a champ, keeping furniture steady and strong.
  • Snap On, Snap Happy: No tools needed, just click and click.

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Tired of wobbly furniture and annoying creaks?

This triangular reinforcement kit uses the simple power of geometry to stabilize your furniture in a flash!

Think of it like building a bridge
Just add these handy braces to weak joints, and voilà! Your furniture stands strong and silent, like a champion.

Strong Corners, Happy Furniture
This trapezoidal design hugs corners tight, preventing joints from wobbling and boosting load capacity. Say goodbye to shaky tables and hello to steady support!

Snap On, Stay Strong
Easy installation and removal thanks to the detachable gusset design. These brackets like invisible heroes, strengthen those pesky right-angle joints, stopping them from collapsing under pressure.

Tough & True
Built with top-notch stainless steel, these braces shrug off rust, scratches, and time itself. No bumps, no burrs, just smooth edges to protect your hands and furniture.

Fixes All, Fixes Fast
From doors to drawers, shelves to beds, these versatile braces tackle any wobbly joint you throw their way. It’s like having a superhero toolkit for your furniture!


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 180g/0.4lb
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